"Complete Tire Management"

1.Each month we check all of your tires and repair or replace them as needed at your location.

2.We document all tread depths and replace tires at the depth you specify.

3.We match up tread types for maximum wear,not leaving virgin tires beside retreads.

4.We maintain all PSI to your specifications, repairing "on-site" whatever tires are found below the PSI you set.

5.All tread types are noted on your monthly reports for every wheel position on every unit.

6.Tires are inspected for fatigue,cuts,separations,uneven wear,etc. and noted in your reports.

7.All tire casings are carefully screened to your specifications before retreading.

8.We track all your inventory by tread type,size,and tracking numbers. We send you an inventory report every month that matches invoicing for tires used.

9.There is no "service call" charge or "mileage" charge for routine yard checks.

We are so confident that we can save you money on your tire costs and prevent road breakdowns that we will do a free initial inspection of your fleet and process reports to show you how the program works and how it can benefit your company

"Tire Maintenance Assistance"


Yard checks consists of visually checking for:

Worn tires

Flat tires

Fatigued tires

Damaged tires

Defective tires

Mismatched tires

Missing/loose lugs,etc

Any unit requiring repair will get a detailed inspection showing exactly why the repair was needed and what was done to correct the problem. These inspections are compiled into a maintenance record book and sent to you each month.

The only cost to you for this program is the cost of repairs ,that you would incur any way. We are just getting your units fixed more economically before they breakdown on the road.

For more info or a free,sample maintenance record book contact us.